Ecoluxin Premium

Ecoluxin premium product range. Suitable for gastronomy and food industry especially.

Gastronomy hero!

No more finding. It's here in its best shape.

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Ecoluxin Elko

The most affordable product of Ecoluxin series. Suitable for hand washing of glasses.

Glasses will love him!

Do you remember those new shiny and clean glass? Let's remind them.

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Ecoluxin Universalin

Super-concentrated perfumed cleaner for universal application.

For the entire Universe.

Let's clean the World and start from the floor.

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Ecoluxin Dezin

Antimicrobial cleaner suitable for sanitary ware.


When one of the worst job becomes almost the hobby.

Ecoluxin Nadobin

Concentrated dishwashing liquid, lightly perfumed.

Even dishes have wishes.

No more plates full of smudges. Just clean as they should be.

What is Ecoluxin?

Ecoluxin is cleaner and degreaser for use in food industry (agriculture or institutional sector). Thanks to its unique composition Ecoluxin ensures perfect cleaning and degreasing normal and heavily soiled surfaces.

How Ecoluxin works

Conventional detergents breaks impurities and grease into miniauture parts that are not already recognized by human touch or look and thus remain on the surface.
Instead of this Ecoluxin covers and pack all the impurity to its environemnt and then removes everything by water.
Thanks to that keep surfaces clean even without a miniauture parts of impurity.

Applying Ecoluxin on dirt
Ecoluxin acts on dirt
Flow-off with water
Applying cleaner on dirt
Cleaner acts on dirt
Flow-off with water


„This product has no competitors. Ecoluxin cleans and degrease everything we need. Ecologically.“
Vlastimil Kelbl

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